Friday, May 28, 2010

Still alive!

I've been in Amsterdam since Tuesday morning. This city is great! Although I do have to say that it is a huge tourist trap. They smoke you out and then surround you with cute stuff to buy and SO much food. Good thing that its too expensive to buy much....although it hasn't stopped us all the times that it should have.....I'm dieing to try food from this vending machine place. Burgers from a vending machine....yes, please? I mean I wont eat the burger. But I will try one of the croquettas that I see people eating everywhere. I'm also totally loving the hostel that we are currently staying at (and not ONLY because of the wifi...).
Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North! The weather has been semi good. When the sun isn't blocked by clouds, its pretty warm. But its been really cloudy.

Have I talked about how awesome our hostel is?
At dinner (Mexican. in Amsterdam?), we were talking about how this part of the vacation has been super relaxing, because while there is a lot to see in this city, most of it costs too much money so we just end up wandering around for most of the day without anywhere in particular to go. ..... Tomorrow though, I think we are doing a free walking tour. If they do it on weekends.
OH MAN. Last night we went to a Matt and Kim AND Major Laser AND Diplo concert. in Amsterdam. Yeah. I know. It was just as amazing as it sounds. And we got to dance on stage with Major Laser and Diplo. mhhhhhhhhhhhhm. super fucking rad.


  1. I soooo want to go to Amsterdam, Bruge and all these great places, too! Have fun in Paris and wherever you're going next! And please come back to Dresden! :)

  2. Your vacation. Sounds. Awesome. Please keep updating! By the way, this is Barrett.