Friday, May 14, 2010


Poland was pretty sweet. I have to say that we were completely sketched out when 4 of us decided to cross the bridge over to the Polish side and it became night-time. .... The contrast between the German side and the Polish side was crazy because of how apparent it was! We were told that the Polish government doesn't invest too much money in reconstructing that city. Oh, at this point we were in Goerlitz!

The main Polish city that we saw a lot of, though, was Bretslau. Talk about awesome. I decided to buy a luggage there because honestly, one book bag was a BAD idea (ahem), it was relatively cheap! Poland isn't on the Euro yet, so they're exchange rate was way better. WAY better.

Im not going to lie, a lot of times we were confused as to what country we were in. It seemed like every city that we went to was bordering Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

On our way back to Dresden, we stopped at this CUTE ASS town, where we all had ice cream. Then we stopped at a mountain neraby to have lunch. Suuuuuuuuper sweet. And the people who are scared of heights even enjoyed it! Thats how nice the view was. Yeah. Whenever we get bagged lunches, they like to give us Coca-Cola and candy bars. Yeah, we're American, but is that REALLY necessary? I've had more Coke within this week than I've ever had in my entire life (not counting Cherry Coke).

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