Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Swedeeeen!

I will be sad to leave this country! Regardless of the weather.....Just look at all the GREEEEEEN!
Koppenhagen tomorrow, with an overnight bus ride to Dresden!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good News!

By request of Chanel, I am updating. :]
I survived Stockholm! Im now on a farm in Laholm, near Goetheborg! Its fabulous down here, except for the weather. Im really not down with how cold it has been. And the people who live here say that this is the coldest its been during the summer in a whiiiillle. Why!!! I dont even have winter clothes in Florida, why would I bring any with me on this trip!? Ive been wearing the same thing since I got here (on Monday. whoa! Have I been here that long?!).... except that I switched from leggings + shorts to leggings + jeans. yup, its gotten colder. I've become an expert at making fires!!!! Thats always a good skill to have.
The kind of work that we have been doing wasnt really what I was expecting. We have mainly been weeding the vineyard (we had some wine from the grapes the other night. Talk about delliiiish. ALSO! Im not a vegetarian on this farm, because THE MEAT THAT THEY EAT IS RIGHT HERE! I met the cows and the sheep, and they're the ones that they eat!!!! So environmentally friendly! AND! They use ALL parts of the animals that they kill!!!!! :] AAAANNNNDDD, the veggies that they have been cooking come from Maria's farm! aaaaahhhhh, its like heaven.), and moving TREES from field, which will get picked up later, and the field will be turned into pasture land! :] They keep talking about how important it is to rotate things around the farm, and I can't help but feel a little bad/guilty for not having finished reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivores Dilemma....

Oh, Sweden is GORGEOUS.

....last thing: www.bataholm.com im on a farm, motha fuckas!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stockholm, accidentally.

Im currently updating from the Stockholm Central Station. Where I am stuck. I thought that the train ticket that I bought was for TONIGHT....but really, its for tomorrow night. Which means 2 things: 1. I have to find a place to stay and 2. I have all day tomorrow in Stockholm! Luckily, Couchsurfing has an emergency couch message board, and this friendly looking guy, Jonas (whos name Im writing in case anything happens to me. Hes holding a Make Love Not War sign in his profile picture though.......I hope it goes well.) said he could put me up for the night. PHEWPH. This will be my first couch surfing experience. Thank God he answered me though, because apparently the train station, with all these comfortable looking benches, closes at 1 AM! So now Im killing time until he contacts me, and I'll be on my way with him....I bought him some chocolate. I hope he likes it.
I have to say that I was kind of bummed when I realized that I wouldnt be able to spend anytime in Stockholm, but with this unexpected turn of events, I get AN ENTIRE DAY! I have absolutely no idea what sights to visit, or what kind of food to eat. And Im pretty sure that the cheese sandwich that I bought when I got here is not really typical Swedish food.
Everyone here speaks English. THANK GOD! (if i believed in him)
... Theres a crazy man sitting behind me on this bench. Hes not speaking English.
Hopefully the next update will be from the farm. Also, with a special part about KOPENICK! The best kept secret in the castle world of Berlin!