Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After 3 flights, a bus ride and a train ride, we have arrived at our destination!!!! Kelley and I are obsessed with the apartment that they put us in. It is the cutest thing ever, and we feel like we are living IN ikea. Our plan is to make a Cribs video....yeah, its THAT sweet.
Also, I totally underpacked. .... .... totally. I feel like the purchase of a small suitcase is in my near future...
The weather here is currently 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is what Im used to in the winter months of Tallahassee. We're doing a Pub Crawl tonight (don't ask me why Im not napping), I think I'm going to freeze. And I don't think I'll last long enough to get that 4th drink free....we shall seeeee.


  1. DIANA! I'm so excited to keep up with your blog! Glad you arrived safely and i'm not suprised you underpacked, lol! you certainly didn't have much room to put a lot of your things so maybe that extra suitcase will be nice to have. Can't wait to read more and hopefully see some picture posts of all the amazing places you'll be!
    miss you tons!

  2. Deeee holy shit how underpacked are you? Do you want me to bring anything for you? Anything you forgot that you'd recommend?

  3. jessy, bring warm clothes!!!!!!!

  4. underpacked?? with that huge bag??