Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As of RIGHT NOW.....this is no longer a food blog. but instead...just my regular old blog. no longer will i be restricted to just food recipes! (which i couldnt stick to on a regular basis. =/) but speaking of recipes, we're having a potluck for my Food and Environment class on Friday....and i just can't decide between yucca or curry cabbage!
Youd think that this being finals week, Id be more worried about exams and passing my classes. but.... i kind of hit this wall. and dont really care anymore. uh-oh!
it could be....because.....

im headed to Europe next week! Heres the travel itinerary:
Dresden, Germany May 3-22
Berlin, Germany May 22-25
Amsterdam, Netherlands May 25-30
Stuttgart, Germany May 30- June 3
Prague, Czech Republic June 3-9
Berlin, Germany June 9-12
Organic Farm:Bataholm, Sweden June 13-23
Organic Farm:hopefully, Sweden June 24-July 4
Stockholm, Sweden July 5-10
Budapest, Hungary July 10-13
Dubronvik, Croatia July 13-18
Milan & Venice, Italy July 18-23
Brussels, Belgium July 23-28
Madrid, Spain (mi gente!) July 28-Aug 5
Nueva York Aug 5- ?

Expect updates on a semi-regular basis! I plan on taking my laptop and will hopefully have internet in most places.
i have NO idea how im going to fit 3 months worth of clothes in my dad's hiking backpack.

The Treehouse Song

I counted all of the good things you are

and that list of charms was

longer than my chain of broken hearts

and when the day was done

I figured I had already lost

from the start – from the start

...baby we were made of gold.