Wednesday, September 29, 2010

its been a while...

So. Here I am in my dining room at almost 4 in the morning.......I can't fucking sleep! I don't know whats wrong with me. Marsha today was telling me about her friend who only sleeps like 2 hours every night. But still manages to get absolutely nothing done in the 22 hours that she's awake....I was at the library today from 2 PM- 1 AM. .... ... I managed to read ONE article for one of my exams next week, nothing for my other one, and to do some of my economics homework before going on an angry rant about capitalism and free markets in my chapter outline....I really hope my teacher reads it all.
This class has really opened my eyes to how a lot of Americans think. And I simply dont get it. At all. What is wrong with universal health care? Or with a paid maternity leave? Or with a paid PATERNITY leave? Or with forced paid vacation? Or with free daycare? I understand that these programs are being implemented in other countries solely because of higher taxes....but the people in these countries are happier! And they have a better quality of life! AANNDD! The majority don't mind the higher taxes because of the benefits that they get from them! They can rely on their government to spend their tax money effectively, because isnt that what governments are for?
I CANT TRUST MY GOVERNMENT! But I'd like to be able to.
I can't sleep while I've got these things on my mind. It's too distressing.