Wednesday, August 11, 2010

back in the US

Hello all!
Ive been back in the US for almost a week now! Im in New York Citaaay visiting my lovely older sister, who lives here. Im super stoked because today one of my besties gets here!!!! Were going to have a blast together. AND I havent seen him since MARCH! Its been way too long.
Im currently waiting for him to arrive, he lands at 10ish. I also have a terrible stomach ache, from yesterdays Whole Foods lunch. I still love Whole Foods.
Brussels was awesome. I STILL havent uploaded my pictures =/ Im definitely slacking. Madrid was also beautiful, as usual!
Ive decided that Im either moving to France or Belgium to learn French.

Brussels: coffe and beer. a lot of both.

Ghentfest 2010

"im sorry, she just likes to hug"

Helenas friends' house in the Hamptons. Beautiful Saturday.

GUILLERMO JUST LANDED! i have to change.

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