Friday, August 13, 2010

goooood morning!

Im waiting for Guillermo to wake up. Its been a great few days, and I dont want to leave New York! .....Except that I DO want to get to Miami already! 3 months is a long time to be away. And I havent seen my mom since January! JANUARY! Its been so long. I leave tomorrow afternoon, and I think we will be going to Central Park in the morning before heading out.... Today we will be exploring the wondrous area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn! woooooo! Can you believe that my sister has lived here for more than 2 years and shes only been to Brooklyn like twice! What the shit! Its where its all going down.
I found out that my friends band is playing tonight at the Mercury Lounge here in New York, and Im super stoked to see them. ( I might even be able to get my older sister to come!

Do not pay 80 Euros for a Gondola ride. ITS NOT WORTH IT! Not that we did it....but it IS very easy to ride the ferries fo free (illegally, of course). We rode to the island of Murano fo free. And didnt see any people making glass. Disappointment? ....yes.


Juliets house was amazing! I know shes a fictional character and all (we were SO confused about this the entire time we were there....but we are pretty sure that Shakespeare made her up. In fact, Im now 200% sure of this), but it was so touching seeing everyones letters to her! (Apparently theres a movie about it?! Letters to Juliet) And of course, we each wrote one (we made friends with an American guy who was going to Venice, and we convinced him to stay with us in Verona for the day...good times).
...Romeo's house, on the other hand, was not as impressive.

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