Sunday, July 25, 2010


So Im finally in a position to update with pictures and details.
Since I last updated, Ive seen a lot. and spent too much.
After I got dumped, I was depressed for a few days and didnt even think about touching my Canon. As a result, I dont have very many good pictures from some places....but I always had my Cybershot with me, so I at least took SOME.
Im in Brussels, and I think this is another place where I want to live for a few months. I would so learn French! And why stop there? Dutch/Flemish too!!!!!

at the museum of modern art, in Koppenhagen

at a bar in Berlin

Budapest at night.

Lamp post at the Fisherman's Bastion

Fountain spewing wine in the caves under Budapest.

A beach on an island in Split. They prefer pebble beaches to sand beaches and Jessica and I still cant figure out why. Those pebbles were impossible to walk on! The water was super clear though, and soooo refreshing! We bought these awesome captain hats that say CROATIA on them, and I think its been my best purchase so far. Everytime we wear them people salute us!

After a jump from those cliffs. That was scary.

from the mainland to the island!

So I guess thats all for right now....I still have to upload my Italy pictures from my device to my computer, so it might be a while until those come around.....
Jess and I are going to Ghent Festival tonight. We're getting there around 11 PM and are planning on taking the train back to Brussels around 7 AM. I should be napping.
I leave to Madrid on Wed. Everything is happening so fast!
Au Revoir!

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