Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day One...

So, I am by no means a Catholic. But I just love giving things up for Lent!
So this year, I decided to go big. Im giving up high fructose corn syrup! Im really excited about this, because I think its going to force me to cook again! yay! I've been missing the kitchen and Im tired of eating Triscuits and other snacks. The time has come for real food again!
So today, for the first day of the 40 (I started a day late), I made some sauteed mushrooms and onions for breakfast that lasted me until linner (really late lunch/really early dinner).
Im lucky enough to have a roommate who loves to make salsa. He's made a fresh batch almost every week since the beginning of the year. Yeah, its awesome.
So for this part, I just used:
Sauteed the onions in some olive oil for a little bit, and added the garlic, the shrooms and the salsa!
I put it on some (corn syrup-free) rice cakes that I had, since all the bread in the apartment has HFCS (its just too long to type!).....
For linner, I fried an egg and put the left over mushrooms on top of it! So good!
Just look at it! mmmmmm.

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