Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Southern Feasting!

So I went to a local farmers market last Wednesday, and it was so awesome!!! There were people selling sweet potatoes, homemade breads, okra, bitter melons (what!?) and all sorts of other things that i had never heard of before. Including something that looked like lettuce....but it was spicy!
The nice farmer that I bought the sweet potatoes from gave me 2 bitter melons to try them, but they went bad before I could cook them!!!
Anyways, I ended up coming home with okra, sweet potatoes, the bitter melons and my roommate bought some pineapple bread. It was delish.
In honor of these Southern foods, I decided to cook up a storm! Fried okra, and sweet potato & okra ....stuff. hahaha, I dont really know what the second one would be. It looked like it would make a great pie filling!!!
Ive only had fried okra from Shane's Rib Shack. And ohmygod. It was amazing. So i attempted to recreate its goodness....they must have a secret ingredient.

For the batter part, I used some flour, some red pepper flakes and some (okay, a lot) of curry! You could kiiind of taste the spiceyness.
I sliced up the okra, then dipped them in an egg (scrambled-like) and then in the flour. Then they were put onto the pan, which was full of hot oil! (Deep frying is not my you can tell by the burnt okra pictured above.)
It was fun, but I dont think Ill be trying that again anytime soon...they weren't nearly as good as the ones from the Rib Shack!

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